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Holiday Mini Photo Sessions are available for 1 night ONLY! Proceeds benefit The Animal Pad.

Join us for a fun-filled pet adoption event at Voltaire Beach House on Wednesday, Dec 13th @ 6pm – 9pm.

Available photo session time slots include: 6pm, 6:20pm, 6:40pm, 7:00pm, 7:20pm, 7:40pm, 8:00pm, 8:20pm, 8:40pm

Click HERE to reserve your spot!

Holiday Mini Photo Session, The Animal Pad

How It Works:

  1. Bring your dog or adopt a new one at the event.
  2. Reserve a time slot – subject to availability, so call to reserve your spot ahead of time.
  3. Choose a Collection based on how much you’d like to donate to The Animal pad and which product you like best.
  4. Purchase additional products if you’d like – these make great holiday decor and gifts!
  5. Your products will be shipped to your home.
  6. Enjoy your holidays knowing that you contributed to a good cause ūüôā

Click HERE to reserve your spot!

Nov 22, 2017

Come celebrate Small Business Saturday at the Hops and Shop Holiday Market on Saturday, Nov 25th at 32 North Brewing Co!

Hops and Shop Holiday Market, Ali Peterson Photography Help support and fundraise for local San Diego non-profit Cammies and Canines this holiday season. Come out and enjoy local shopping, food, beer, raffles and more at the WWII Canteen themed event. All are welcomed (dogs included). Support Cammies and Canines with your $3 entry donation and get a Small Business Saturday tote bag courtesy of American Express (while supplies last) and a raffle ticket.

Shop local San Diego vendors and check off your gift list while shopping small this holiday season. Bring your four legged friend to our K-9 Canteen area for dog beer and more. Enjoy beer specials courtesy of 32 North Brewing Co., coffee, hot chocolate, treats and sweets from Marcel Waffles San Diego and BBQ from Smoke n Aces BBQ who will be donating 15% of all sales to Cammies and Canines.

Sign a Christmas card for our San Diego veterans and let your kiddos draw them a picture with help from Tomorrow’s Heroes Today. Donate a pair of new socks for our homeless veterans and receive a free raffle ticket! Purchase $1 tickets for our WWII themed raffle filled with wonderful and coveted products and services. ¬†There will also be a gently used clothing, shoe and coat drive to benefit our local veterans and family shelters this holiday season. Bring your gently used clothing items to donate and receive a free raffle ticket.

There’ll be multiple vendors with all kinds of great holiday gifts like Christmas decor and ornaments, perfumes + colognes, art, accessories, coffee, clothing, home decor, jewelry, soap, candles, plants and more. Visit my booth to score a fun, unique gift for that pet lover in your life. I’ll be offering Gift Card Boxes, beautifully wrapped with gift card, Getting Started Guide, dental dog treat, and Ali Peterson Photography chapstick. Offer valid while supplies last so come early.

Hops and Shop Holiday Market, Ali Peterson PhotographyHops and Shop Holiday Market, Ali Peterson Photography


Made in California
Buon Natale
Dickinson Farm & Garden
Three22Eight Sewing Studio
A.R. Infinite Creations
Design Theory
North Park Soap Co.
Lucky Kat Lotion
Purple Hippo Studio
Frilly Finds
Craft and Copper
Edgy Chola Designs
5twenty5 Designs
Bee Love Jewelry
Festive Wreaths By Lisa Nicholas
In Succulent Love

K-9 Canteen Vendor:
Cammies & Canines
Nate Schoemer
Your Best Buds Brew
Ali Peterson Photography
Pinups for Pitbulls

Jul 27, 2017

Many clients go into a photography session thinking they want all the photos as digital files because it’s easier, cheaper, faster…The truth is, most clients THINK they want digital files because they simply don’t know the true value in other, more tangible products. That’s why I’m here to explain the pros and cons of purchasing digital files, so that you can make the educated decision (as opposed to an assumption) on whether or not you should buy them.

digital files, ali peterson photography

1. Freedom to DIY

If you’re like me, you love to create. And having a¬†stockpile¬†of professional photos in your creativity toolbox offers endless possibilities for crafting. With digital files at your disposal, you’re able to rock your DIY skills in a way you probably couldn’t do if you had taken¬†the photos yourself.

BUT…this also requires you to DIY. If you’re like me, you’re also pretty darn busy. So, trying to find time to¬†create something just for fun is not always easy. Before you know it, it’s months, even years later, and those digital files are still sitting on that USB drive, waiting to be transformed into a work of art.

digital files, ali peterson photography

2. Longevity of files vs prints

Despite the fact that technology is ever-changing, a JPG file is still more likely to last longer than a 16×20 print. This is simply because of it’s form – files can be kept safe on a computer or hard drive, while prints are out on display for all to see and touch.

BUT…what’s the point of having those files if no one gets to see the photos? Isn’t that the point of getting professional pictures taken? To display for all to see, to show off how adorable your pet is, to showcase¬†your family’s unconditional love?

Plus, just because your digital files are safely stored on your computer, doesn’t mean they can’t accidentally get deleted or lost. It’s a lot easier to lose a dinky little JPG file in a sea of photos and other computer clutter, than it is to lose a 16×20 framed print.

digital files, ali peterson photography

3. Instant gratification and ability to share

In today’s world, most people desire instant gratification, especially when it comes to photos. They want to immediately show¬†off their images and brag about how much fun they had during their photo shoot and how skilled their pet is at modeling. And when photos are in digital format, it makes sharing extremely fast and easy.

BUT…with patience comes great reward.¬†A photo that is shared on social media and viewed on a screen no bigger than your hand doesn’t receive the same response as if that same photo was shared as part of a large wall gallery in your living room. If you want to really¬†impress your friends and family, invite them over for dinner and show off your wall gallery¬†that was designed to be admired by an audience.

With that said…I don’t believe in holding photos hostage. I really want my clients to share their photos with the world! That’s why I include a custom mobile app with every session. It provides clients with a fast and easy way to share all their photos on social media, email, and/or in person. Read more about the custom mobile app HERE.

digital files, ali peterson photography

4. Cost vs Value

Now, before I go off on a tangent, let me just say that this is the biggest misconception clients have about digital files. And I don’t blame them! It’s a common misunderstanding, so let me explain…

Professional photographers who value prints over digital files will charge anywhere from $25-$200 for an 8×10 print. And the first thing many clients think is “why is it SO expensive? It cost $0.15 at Costco/Target/Walmart!” Well, big surprise…professional photographers aren’t getting their photos printed at Costco, Target, or Walmart. We use professional labs that print our images the way they’re suppose to look. If a client takes a digital file and has it printed somewhere other than through the photographer, they run the risk of receiving a low quality print that looks nothing like the photo they see on their screen. In fact, its’ almost guaranteed to NOT look the way it’s suppose to.

By trying to save money and get prints made at a low-cost lab, you not only devalue the work of the photographer, but you also devalue the investment you made in the photo session. If you’re going to¬†invest¬†hundreds of dollars on a photo session, you’re only cheating yourself by trying to save a few bucks on prints.

With that said…most photographers will still offer digital files, but at a premium price. I do this simply because at the end of the day, I want you to get the products you really want, but I also want you to spend your money wisely. I charge a higher price for A La Carte digital files because I don’t want that to be the only thing you buy. By purchasing a package, you still get digital files, but you also get all the other tangible items that you’ll be much more satisfied with, and you save up to 40%!!

digital files, ali peterson photography

5. Conveniency

If you’re looking for convenience, there are tons of photographers out there who offer the shoot-and-burn “service.” I use “service” in quotes, because to me, that’s just not MY idea of¬†“real” service. It’s quick and cheap…just shoot and hand over the digital files. Done, bye! And that can be convenient for some…not having to get together for multiple meetings with the photographer, not having to figure out what products to order, not having to do much of anything besides show up for the photo shoot.

BUT…if you’re looking for a photographer who’s going to cater to your needs, listen to your goals, invest time and energy into creating a custom experience and products designed specifically for you, then shoot-and-burn is not the route you want to take. You’re not looking for convenience, you’re looking for custom.

And digital files are the LEAST custom option when it comes to professional photography. Besides the fancy USB drive they come on, there’s nothing custom about it. Sure, the images themselves were taken at a photo shoot that was customized for you, but the entire experience is meant to be customized, so why stop at the products?

With that said…you don’t necessarily have to skip out on the convenience. My sessions are designed to be as convenient for my clients as possible. I find other ways to make it easy and enjoyable for you, like letting you sign paperwork electronically, providing¬†payment plans if needed, sending friendly reminders and suggestions for preparing, and my all-time favorite, the Art Installation service…It doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

digital files, ali peterson photography

So, if you THINK you want to purchase digital files, I encourage you to THINK a bit more about WHY you actually want them. Explain your reasons during your Consultation and I’ll help you determine what it is you REALLY want!

Want to book a Consultation to discuss it further? Have more questions about digital files? Call or email me, I’m happy to help!

Apr 15, 2017

A pet photography photo session is a sizable investment, both in time and money. And although I try my best to make the entire experience hassle-free, convenient, and value-full, there’s still plenty of Ali Peterson Photography fans who simply can’t afford that investment. In fact, there’s SO many of you who WANT a session, but can’t seem to find the time or justify spending the money, that I’ve decided to offer a solution.

Starting now, I’m offering MINI SESSIONS! That’s right, you don’t have to wait for the holidays or a special contest to take advantage of these¬†convenient and inexpensive sessions. You can book¬†NOW!

Ali Peterson Photography offers all-inclusive pet photography mini sessions

What’s the catch, you ask? Well,¬†it’s extremely important that the attention¬†I give¬†to the customers who book full sessions doesn’t suffer. A significant amount of time goes into caring for those customers, so I’m only able to offer 4 mini sessions per month. This will allow me to meet the¬†needs and provide exceptionally awesome service to ALL my customers. Due to the high demand of sessions during the Fall, this offer is only available through August¬†2017. After which, mini sessions will only be available when promoted.

What’s included in the session? I’m glad you asked! Mini Sessions provide¬†you with just enough fun and goods to satisfy your pet photography needs. These all-inclusive packages make it quick and easy to get professional images and quality products.

discounted photo session

If you’re interested in booking a mini photo session, please don’t hesitate. These sessions are in high demand and tend to book up fast! And because¬†only 4 per month are being offered, you’ll want to grab your spot as soon as possible. Don’t wait until August to try to book!!




Mar 22, 2017

You LOVE sharing photos, and so do we! That’s why we now include a¬†custom Mobile App with EVERY session! Whether you book a full session, a mini session, you won a free session, or received a session¬†as a gift…our gift to you is this amazing new feature that will have everyone gawking over your images!

These beautiful custom apps feature all the images from your session right at your fingertips. No more scrolling through your entire image library to find your favorite photo of your pet. The app works just like any other app on your phone or tablet. Simply download, open and share! It also includes other helpful information and links you can use to refer friends and family so they can book a session of their own.

san diego pet photographer Ali Peterson offers a custom mobile app with every session

How does it work? It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

  1. Once your images are edited and available to view in your online gallery, you’ll be sent a link.
  2. Open that link on your phone or tablet, and install the app.
  3. Share you images directly from the app to social media.

Boom! Told you it was easy!

custom mobile app image storage and sharing

Want a custom Mobile App featuring beautiful images of you and your pet?

Call or email to book a session today!!