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San Diego Humane Society, Ail Peterson Photography

As an animal-loving photographer, you could assume the obvious reason why I would jump/swim/hop/crawl/leap at the chance to photograph shelter animals…for the love of animals! Every moment I get to spend with a camera in my hands and an animal in my frame, I’m in heaven. Whether it’s a dog or cat, horse or pig…whether it’s a professional model or The Dog Whisperer’s next client…you get the point, I love them all!

San Diego Humane Society, Ail Peterson Photography


But the thing I LOVE most about volunteering is how doing something I love can help SO many animals, not just the ones I photograph. When you volunteer, no matter what position you choose, no matter how many hours you put in, every SINGLE contribution you make supports the organization, thus helping the animals.

San Diego Humane Society, Ail Peterson Photography


If you’ve never volunteered at a shelter before, I highly recommend it. I assume you love animals since you’re reading my blog, so that’s a give in. But no matter what you’re interested in, they have volunteer positions for everyone. You can do everything from photography, vet services, fostering, animal interaction, education, and more! Don’t think you have the time? Some positions only require a commitment of one hour per month. One hour! Everyone can afford to spend one hour per month helping an animal in need.

San Diego Humane Society, Ail Peterson Photography


The San Diego Humane Society will be my 3rd volunteer position at an animal shelter. I’ve loved every shelter I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of. Each one is unique and awesome in their own way. So I wanted to share exactly HOW the SDHS is helping animals of all kinds. The more you learn about their mission, their efforts, and their success, the more you’ll want to be a part of such a great cause.

San Diego Humane Society


Interested in volunteering? Awesome!! Head on over to the San Diego Humane Society website and learn more. With locations in San Diego, Escondido, and Oceanside, there’s sure to be one near you.

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