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Good Times With Great Pets

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Professional Photographer Home Office

One of the first questions I get asked when I tell some one that I’m a pet photographer is, “where are you based out of?” The answer is “Oceanside, but I service all of San Diego, as well as Temecula and Orange County. Actually, I’ll travel wherever you want as long as you pay my travel fee.” The next question is usually, “do you have a studio?” Although sometimes I daydream about having an elaborate studio just off Coast Highway 101, filled with huge wall galleries and fun stuff for dogs to play with, the reality is that my home is my headquarters.

Photo Credit to my talented, water-loving husband for shooting that awesome underwater shot above the 2 bookcases.

Professional Photographer Home OfficeDon’t get me wrong…working from home definitely has its perks. And, for many work-from-homers, it just makes sense. For me, being able to tend to all the little things involved in home/pet care, and taking a swim in my pool during my lunch break are priceless! Besides that, it makes sense for my business – I only shoot on location and all my meetings with clients are done at their homes. There’s no reason for me to spend the thousands of dollars a month to lease an office/studio elsewhere…at least, for now.

Professional Photographer Home Office

So, I’m inviting you in for a behind-the-scenes peek into my business. When me and my husband first bought our house in April 2015, he pretty much let me decorate the entire two-story, 4-bedroom place however I wanted, as long as he could do whatever he wanted with the garage. He trusts me because we have similar taste. The office, however, was originally meant to be shared between the 2 off us, which is why I opted of the 2-sided desk with a middle table separating the 2 workspaces. A few months later, he landed a new job, so he packed up his office stuff and moved it to his new place of work. Woohoo…more room for me!

Professional Photographer Home Office

I only have a few rules when it comes to my office space…

  1. Keep it clean! This really goes for the entire house, but it’s most important in the office because mess = stress. And the last place I need stress is in my office. So, every day when I’m done working, I tidy it up, so that the next day I come into a clean, stress-free workplace.
  2. It must smell good! Because my office assistants generally smell like wet dog, dirty dog, or just plain dog, I always have a candle or oil burning when I’m working. Certain smells can alter your mood, so I love to burn DoTerra diffused oil blends that spark certain moods – like “Citrus Bliss” to reduce stress, or “In Tune” for heightened focus.
  3. Music is a must! I literally can not work without music. I’ll end up blankly staring at the computer screen forgetting what I’m even suppose to be doing. I really like discovering new music through iTunes curated playlists. Just like the oils, they’ve got different playlists for different moods. If I need to get a lot of editing done, I’ll put on some electronic or hip-hip. If I’m writing a blog post or brainstorming, it’s all about the smooth instrumentals. And if it’s Friday, I play reggae 😀

Professional Photographer Home Office Professional Photographer Home OfficeProfessional Photographer Home Office

Of course my office wouldn’t be complete without my vintage camera collection. None of these cameras work anymore, but they sure are cool to look at. I’m not a big antique shopper, but I will go into an antique store just to see if they have any cameras.

The last, and maybe most important, item in my office is inspiration board. This board is front and center (above the printer) because it’s where I post any and all things I need to remember. Quotes, aspirations, accomplishments, goals…anything that drives my business forward and reminds me what I do, why I do it, and who I do it for.

Professional Photographer Home Office

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