Top 5 Reasons To Use Pet Safe Cleaners For Your Home


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Have you ever stopped to think about how the cleaning products you use in your home can negatively affect your beloved pets? Being a clean freak, a health nut, and an animal lover has led me on an endless search for pet safe cleaners to use in my home. In 2017, I finally found the solution! But, more importantly than HOW to convert your home into the healthy haven your pet so desires, let’s take a good look at WHY this is important…

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  1. Today’s leading grocery store cleaning brands, like Tide and Clorox, rely on harsh alkalis to break down dirt and stains, often causing a damaging chemical reaction to clothes, floors, and furniture. These harsh ingredients are ingested by pets daily, exacerbating chronic conditions such as asthma and allergies. They’re also extremely damaging to YOUR health – in fact, new research recently revealed that unnatural cleaning sprays can damage your lungs to the same affect as smoking 20 cigarettes a day (click here to read the full article)! 
  2. Household cleaners that are toxic to your home are also toxic to the environment. Our beaches, parks, and other areas we enjoy with our pets are being polluted by toxic chemicals daily. But we can help reduce this environmental abuse by simply switching how we clean our homes.
  3. If your cleaner has a warning label on the bottle, it’s not safe for you or your pet. Period. Why risk it?
  4. Mother knows best, so it makes sense to use cleaners that are derived from Mother Nature.
  5. Why not? If you had the option to use household cleaners that work BETTER, are SAFER for your family and the environment, and SAVES YOU MONEY, why wouldn’t you?!

Pet Safe Cleaners, Ali Peterson Photography


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