- I'm one of the very few residents in San Diego who can say I was born and raised here.

- I actually went to college (not YouTube) and earned my BA from Brooks Institute of Photography.

- My love for animals goes back as long as I can remember. 

- The first picture I ever took was a portrait of my mom in our backyard.

- - My house does NOT smell like dog...thanks to my OCD cleaning tendencies.

- I'm a self-proclaimed water addict...if I'm not in it, I'm drinking it, photographing it, or admiring it's beauty.

- I don't eat animals or wear them.

- I have a tattoo on my back with my dog's ashes in it. He passed away in May 2017...You can read all about that experience here.

- I believe in the power of positive energy and daily gratitude.

- I absolutely positively without a shred of a doubt LOVE my job!

I'm not really one to talk about myself, so I'll get right to the point...