Ali is a positive and energetic San Diego-based photographer, videographer, photo retoucher, and video editor. She thrives in positions that require a balance of creative and technical thinking, maximizing efficiency, and being highly organized. Ali is known for bringing life to dull photos, raw footage, and boring situations.

Over the years, Ali successfully accomplished her dream of owning a pet photography business. Alongside entrepreneurship, she also contributed as a stock photographer to agencies like Shutterstock, 123RF, Lensdrop, as well as publications including Dog Fancy Magazine and San Diego Pets Magazine. Meanwhile, Ali continued to expand her knowledge of television and video production by working as a freelancer on various projects, events, and shows with companies such as 900 Films/Tony Hawk Inc, All Things D, World Championship Sports Network (WCSN), The Trillium Creations, and EFX Digital Media. She has also worked various Utility and A2 positions on live sports broadcasts for networks including Golf Channel, Turner, NBC, PAC12, and ESPN.

Ali’s love for creating art and telling stories through visual media is, and always has been, a life-long endeavor. In grade school, she would carry around her mother’s 12-pound home video camera filming fake news and movies that she had written. A good portion of her younger years were spent playing make-believe on movie sets and television compounds at live sporting events where her mother worked.

After taking photography classes in high school, she decided to make it her career, and in 2005, earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Professional Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. 

Ali embraces lifelong learning and exploration, and has excelled her career by becoming an Adobe Photoshop Certified Professional.