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It’s never a dull moment at the San Diego Humane Society, especially when photographing the adoptable rabbits and guinea pigs. One might assume that these little fur balls aren’t much fun…what do they do all day anyways…Eat, sleep, and poop? Well, as it turns out, sometimes these guys (and gals) are quite entertaining. Rabbits like […]

Adoptable Pets, Giving Back

San Diego Humane Society Adoptable Pets


Me and my girls, Skyy & Rain, embarked on our Mission MINT (Morning In New Territory) journey in September 2017 with the goal of exploring and photographing 10 dog-friendly locations in San Diego during the first few hours of the day. And with the purpose of: strengthening my photography skills by experimenting with unfamiliar lighting, equipment, […]

Good Times With Great Pets, Mission MINT, Personal Photo Projects

Mission MINT | Lake Hodges


This month’s group of friendly felines who are currently available for adoption at the San Diego Humane Society, Oceanside campus were all about licking their chops. Maybe they teamed up to mess with me, thinking it’d be funny to make funny faces during their time in front of the camera. Or maybe it was the […]

Adoptable Pets, Giving Back

San Diego Humane Society Adoptable Cats

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