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I don’t normally photograph weddings, but when I do, it’s because there’s a dog or two involved! And in the case of Cheryl and Kevin’s wedding, that’s the ONLY thing (well, two things) I was responsible for photographing…the dogs. During this beautiful outdoor wedding at San Dieguito County Park, I was strictly in charge of […]

Good Times With Great Pets, Pet Family Portraits

San Diego Wedding Day Dog Portraits | Buckley & Husker Jean at San Dieguito County Park


Me and my girls, Skyy & Rain, embarked on our Mission MINT (Morning In New Territory) journey in September 2017 with the goal of exploring and photographing 10 dog-friendly locations in San Diego during the first few hours of the day. And with the purpose of: strengthening my photography skills by experimenting with unfamiliar lighting, equipment, […]

Mission MINT, Personal Photo Projects

Mission MINT | Lake Hodges, Coast To Crest Trail


Is your dog pregnant? Did she recently give birth to a litter of precious pups? Then she’s exactly the model I’m looking for! Why submit your dog? 1. The photo shoot is FREE. Yep, it won’t cost you a thing. All you have to do is bring yourself and your dog. 2. Professional photo shoots are a […]

Model Calls

Model Call | New Mom Dogs

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