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Me and my girls, Skyy & Rain, embarked on our Mission MINT (Morning In New Territory) journey in September 2017 with the goal of exploring and photographing¬†10 dog-friendly locations in San Diego during the first few hours of the day. And with the purpose of: strengthening my photography skills by experimenting with unfamiliar lighting, equipment, […]

Good Times With Great Pets, Mission MINT, Personal Photo Projects

Mission MINT | Lake Hodges


It breaks my heart when some one calls me eager to have pet family portraits taken because one of their pets isn’t expected to live much longer. We all know pets lives are too short considering how much joy they bring into ours, but when a family experiences losing a pet at an earlier age […]

Good Times With Great Pets, Pet Family Portraits

San Diego Pet Family Portraits | The Phillips Family at Alta Vista Gardens


I don’t normally photograph weddings, but when I do, it’s because there’s a dog or two involved! And in the case of Cheryl and Kevin’s wedding, that’s the ONLY thing (well, two things) I was responsible for photographing…the dogs. During this beautiful outdoor wedding at San Dieguito County Park, I was strictly in charge of […]

Good Times With Great Pets, Pet Family Portraits

San Diego Wedding Day Dog Portraits | Buckley & Husker Jean at San Dieguito County Park

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