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If you're unsure about booking, simply complete the contact form or give me a call to learn more. Whether you have concerns about your pet's performance, your budget, the time investment, or the products, the Phone Consultation is where ALL your questions will be answered.

Pet Family Portraits require a $275 Creative Fee. All prints and products are sold separately. The Creation Fee includes:

- Phone Consultation to get to know each other and plan your session
- 1.5 to 2 hour photo shoot (aka quality bonding time with your pet)
- 20-30 images to use in designing your products
- Show-n-Shop appointment (image slideshow + professional guidance in designing and ordering products)
- Custom Mobile App with ALL your images + unlimited bragging rights 

Commercial Pet Photography Sessions are quoted on a per job basis. Please inquire for an estimate.

Your pet photography session is one of a kind, just like your pet family. The overall time it takes to complete a session from the Phone Consultation to enjoying the artwork on your walls depends on: availability of all parties involved, products ordered, and other variables such as weather and/or rescheduling. With that said, the overall experience is designed to be completed in 6-8 weeks, with the average client time investment being 5-7 hours total.     

Certainly! I've had the privilege of photographing cats, horses, pigs, goats, bunnies, and even an iguana. No matter the animal, I will gladly photograph it as long as it's a member of your family.

No matter the amount of modeling experience your pet has (or lacks), any pet can take a good photo with the right amount of treats, funny noises, strategy, and patience. If you're really worried, give me a call to discuss your concerns. There's a good chance I've had experience with a client who had concerns similar to yours. 

Sure! There are plenty of ways to work with a leashed pet. I am also an editing master and can almost always remove a leash out of a photo if requested.

Before your photo shoot, you'll receive an email with tons of helpful tips to ensure you are fully prepared. This includes advice on what to wear. In a nutshell, if you follow these few simple rules, you're going to look great:

- stick with neutral colors (tan, brown, blue, green, white, black, grey)
- dress comfortably (ok, so you probably shouldn't show up in your sweatpants, but you don't need to look like you're about to walk the red carpet either).
- stay away from busy patterns & large logos (plaid, floral, & other eye-catching designs will steal the attention & make your images look less clean).
- don't try to match every family member perfectly (just because dressing everyone up in jeans and white tee-shirts was cool in the 80's doesn't mean we should still be doing it). Let everyone be themselves.

The best locations are places where your pet is comfortable. Your backyard, a local park, or areas along your daily walk are great places to start. I am always up for a more adventurous spot as well, such as a hiking trail, on a boat, the beach, or in the city. If you're undecided, I'm happy to recommend some of my favorite locations.

Accepted payment methods include: cash, check, and credit card. For your convenience, payment plans are available for product purchases if requested.

I don't believe in holding images hostage! I believe sharing is caring. That's why you'll receive a custom Mobile App with ALL your images at no extra charge. This is a fun and easy way to share your images on social media and email without having to scroll through your entire image library on your phone. Simply download the app and instantly share!

Upon booking your photo session, a $100 non-refundable retainer will be required. This reserves your appointments. The remainder of the Creative Fee is due the day of your scheduled Photo Shoot. Rescheduling and cancellations may be done if needed, however, availability for rescheduling can not be guaranteed. Sessions are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Due to the custom nature of the work, returns and or refunds of products are not permitted. Exception: if the ordered product was delivered in a damaged state, the customer must document and report the damage, return the product, and shall receive a new identical product in return.

If you are not satisfied with your images, you may request a re-shoot. If granted, you'll be provided a re-shoot at no additional cost. Customers are allowed up to 1 complimentary re-shoot.

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