Event Photography: The Animal Pad Pet Adoption Event


Produce portraits of adoptable (and previously adopted) dogs in a holiday setting. Sell prints and products to raise money for the non-profit organization, The Animal Pad.


The Animal Pad is a non-profit organization that rescues dogs from the streets and finds homes for them. To help them raise awareness and funds for their cause, I setup a holiday themed studio (actually, it was setup in the parking lot of the restaurant that was hosting the event – but you can’t tell, can you?), took photos of the adoptable dogs as well as families who had recently adopted, then sold prints and products that were later donated back to the organization.

I had never setup a studio in a parking lot at night (or in the day, for that matter). So, that was a fun challenge. Another challenge was holding the dog’s attention while there were SO many things going on around them. Literally, 6 feet form them was the restaurant, filled with loud, happy people. It was really cold that night as well, so people’s patience was tested. Despite all the challenges, we were able to fulfill what was asked of us, all while making sure everyone was having a good time. And, three dogs got adopted!

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